Monday, February 25, 2013

Tunnel Effect

Wearing a mesh striped shirt with ribbons of transparent lines while lurking up and down a subterranean tunnel. Mysterious, I know. But its progression of visually dizzying arcs makes an ideal backdrop for the linearity of the top and Balenciaga shoe straps. I mean, the whole linear theme here should be as conspicuous as the semicircle of light at the other side of the tunnel. I put some consideration into sparing the eyes from so many umm illusionary lines at once, so I opted for this triple pouched Céline purse I bought from the store on Via Condotti in Rome. When it comes down to skirts, I often seem to contemplate whether I want to wear them with a belt like this  Hermès "collier de chien" one. The outcome tends to the affirmative. 

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