Saturday, February 9, 2013

Somebody Knew I was There

Giorgio Armani jacket, Topshop skirt, Bally belt, Prada heels, Céline bag

There is nothing more conspicuous than a red skirt against backdropped plant life and stormy skies. I could be unconsciously forming a penchant for wearing things where they are least expected. Of course, bringing the unexpected into a given location is more fun than being overly uniform. It provides some sort of compelling distinction from everything else around it, a novel perspective. I feel it necessary to differentiate this jacket from the many other timeless Armani jackets I seem to have collected over the years or rather months. It definitely has that familiar airy lightness and perfect shape but there are also particular details like the satin collar. Even though it takes like two seconds, sporadically slipping it on and off just to bear in mind how satin feels is worth the minimal inconvenience. 

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