Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Do Exactly What You Wish for a While

Hervé Léger top and skirt, Chanel clutch, Prada heels, Sermoneta gloves, Givenchy earrings, Céline sunglasses

I have been wanting to come back here for a while, ever since I first fell in love with the vast but not so deep infinity lake thing that abuts stairways of all kinds. Somehow, it is just one of those places where the sweetest moments ever can occur, where day and night each in their own way allow for the most artistic circumstances. It makes a most agreeable setting for sauntering in dresses or, in this situation, two pieces that create the illusion of a dress. I wore these matching separates of a seemingly indestructible material with my quilted clutch by Chanel cradled in the reddest of leather gloves, mostly because I have lately been having the sudden urge to wear gloves with sleeved little black dresses.

1 comment:

michal said...

Beautifully! You look so elegant! You are a real beautiful Lady! I love your beautiful gloves! Beautiful set with a mini skirt and wedges!