Monday, February 25, 2013

Tunnel Effect

Wearing a mesh striped shirt with ribbons of transparent lines while lurking up and down a subterranean tunnel. Mysterious, I know. But its progression of visually dizzying arcs makes an ideal backdrop for the linearity of the top and Balenciaga shoe straps. I mean, the whole linear theme here should be as conspicuous as the semicircle of light at the other side of the tunnel. I put some consideration into sparing the eyes from so many umm illusionary lines at once, so I opted for this triple pouched Céline purse I bought from the store on Via Condotti in Rome. When it comes down to skirts, I often seem to contemplate whether I want to wear them with a belt like this  Hermès "collier de chien" one. The outcome tends to the affirmative. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Do Exactly What You Wish for a While

Hervé Léger top and skirt, Chanel clutch, Prada heels, Sermoneta gloves, Givenchy earrings, Céline sunglasses

I have been wanting to come back here for a while, ever since I first fell in love with the vast but not so deep infinity lake thing that abuts stairways of all kinds. Somehow, it is just one of those places where the sweetest moments ever can occur, where day and night each in their own way allow for the most artistic circumstances. It makes a most agreeable setting for sauntering in dresses or, in this situation, two pieces that create the illusion of a dress. I wore these matching separates of a seemingly indestructible material with my quilted clutch by Chanel cradled in the reddest of leather gloves, mostly because I have lately been having the sudden urge to wear gloves with sleeved little black dresses.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Inviolable Solitude

Balenciaga leather jacket (here), Aqua shirt, Theyskens x Theory jeans, Isabel Marant sneakers (here), Hermès double tour bracelet (here)

Re-loving white on white with new suede high-tops and the anytime inclusion of the quilted biker jacket, which I only briefly kept off with the single object of allowing a more unobstructed view of that white uniformity. And that is when I proceeded to freeze until I was reminded of the fun over the shoulder option on some jackets like this. I generally shan't think it very sensible to expose so much white at once in fields of questionable grass, on fluctuating elevation levels, under trees that sporadically dispatch nature stuff from its branches, etc. But only then is the wisdom of white wearers achieved.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Somebody Knew I was There

Giorgio Armani jacket, Topshop skirt, Bally belt, Prada heels, Céline bag

There is nothing more conspicuous than a red skirt against backdropped plant life and stormy skies. I could be unconsciously forming a penchant for wearing things where they are least expected. Of course, bringing the unexpected into a given location is more fun than being overly uniform. It provides some sort of compelling distinction from everything else around it, a novel perspective. I feel it necessary to differentiate this jacket from the many other timeless Armani jackets I seem to have collected over the years or rather months. It definitely has that familiar airy lightness and perfect shape but there are also particular details like the satin collar. Even though it takes like two seconds, sporadically slipping it on and off just to bear in mind how satin feels is worth the minimal inconvenience. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

A Return to Sweetness and Decency

Elkin Silence lace dress (here), Alexander Wang heels (here), Hermès bracelet (here)

So very prim here. As always, of course. Here is another addition to the arsenal of white lace, except in a floaty baby doll form with sheer sleeves and a most proper bow suspended at the high collar. I suppose only the simplest of footgear would serve this dress justice without subsiding its bearing to romaticism. I also noted that due to its lacy nature and for the obvious reasons, it has plenty of access points for rose bush thorns to catch on to.