Friday, January 25, 2013

Follow Me to the Rose Garden

Shoshanna dress (here), Black Forest coat, Louis Vuitton boots, YSL ring

I decided the best way not to freeze in a minidress during wintertime is to swathe yourself in such a coat. So very effective at shielding from the post-rain cold that could like, cut you. It is also the only piece of outerwear I know of that would join forces with such a dress and super laced up shoes. Wearing this princess dress makes me question why I don't own anything else that is English rose tinted like that. It's such a vernal pink that it seems pleasantly rebellious to wear it amidst a winter rain shower.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Harbor at Midday

Giorgio Armani coat and top, Zara lace shorts, Alexander Wang heels, Balenciaga clutch, Céline sunglasses

So there really is an excuse to wear both lace and sheer silk outdoors without being found guilty of dressing in pajamas. Topped it off with a complementing third texture of velvet for the formality of it, and it should be a truth universally acknowledged that such a blazer form keeps the femininity of creamy lace in check. Paddle boarders and squirrels alike were checking out my space shoes that resemble sails with all their pointy whiteness. That's enough justification for wearing them along the waterfront.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

You Say Nothing in the World Changes

Burberry parka & jeans, alternating: Proenza Schouler wedges and Isabel Marant boots, LV bag, YSL ring, Céline sunglasses

Breaking in the military parka with its voluminous round of fur, the ultimate hood to be equipped with when exploring Hoth. I think I drown in it just enough for the ring of fur to graze above the eyes and limit visual perception to just the ground below. Not a bad way to  focus on my gait and flamed woodblocks with the most freakish heel curvature I know. That's precisely why I had to switch them out with my worn out but insanely comfy ankle boots at one point. That is, when I started interacting with the surrounding natural world, cavorting up and down grassy slopes, perching on benches, sliding off rocks, thinking of living life on the edge.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Morning Dove

Aqua shirt, Sandro jacket, Burberry jeans, Chloé boots (here), Chanel bag, YSL ring (here)

A floaty white shirt is an unmistakable choice when mulling over what to wear without making a solid decision takes any more than two minutes. That with a biker jacket and skinny jeans make what is considered to be a solid formula for the modernly dressed female. What better when such a blouse it is made of a sheer yet indestructible fabric, a feature that compensates for the expected vulnerability of white shirts in general to all the staining and soiling the world sometimes offers to clothes. Then there is that ribbon thing at the collar that can be awkward when you don't know what to do with it. Bows are too prim. So I left it there just like that.