Saturday, June 15, 2013

I Dreamt We Were on a Sea Journey

We the Free shirt, skirt I designed myself, Louis Vuitton bag, Alexander Wang heels, Hermès bracelet, Yves Saint Laurent vintage earrings

Here is to breaking my unforeseen month-long absence from blogging and assimilating summer after graduating. After tracing the perimeter of a collection of stationed sailboats, I now wish they would all just do what they are made to do — launch and sail out to nowhere all at once instead of being so still in one spot. There is nothing more appropriate for boat-gazing at the harbor than wearing an impossibly wispy white shirt with wooden buttons and a floaty skirt as blue as the vast seawater. At least as blue as environmentalists like myself would like it to be.


The Private Dev Team said...

Now tell me if I'm wrong but last I checked environmentalists are notorious for being green, no?

Anonymous said...

gorgeous xx
the setting complements the clothes so nicely !

Chanelle said...

Jessica, thank you for the lovely comments and following!

The Private Dev Team, when seawater is blue it means it's green.