Sunday, May 26, 2013

We Don't Talk, We Hold Forth

Lotusgrace dress, Chanel boots, Givenchy earrings, Hermès bracelet

Whether it's the neutrality of the pebble grey or the clean lines on this dress, the general simplicity of it makes it applicable to so many occasions. A barely palpable lustrousness to the fabric is offset with a ribbon of fur at the hem that lends the skirt a pleasant heaviness. That, with a specific gait, gives the skirt a certain sway like that of an oscillating pendulum, a movement that is characteristic of whatever princesses wear. I think it's these kinds of exact observations that make what I wear seem like I'm a complete stranger to casual clothes. Sometimes dressing up is just more fun than dressing down.

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Anonymous said...

those shoes! <3 I think i'm in love