Sunday, February 15, 2015

Time Regained

American Apparel blouse & skirt, Louis Vuitton belt, Balenciaga shoes, Céline purse

Photography by Conor

Taking the long route to class was worth the Pacific Coast Highway morning traffic and unexpectedly intense sun exposure on cliffs overlooking a sky that matches the seawater. Avoiding beachwear during the winter sounds like the sensible thing to do but not when such a season feels pretty much nonexistent in Southern California. I'm surprised at myself for staying fixated on chiffon bow ties at the collar and plaid skirts for such an extensive time period, considering my inclination to promptly switch back my loyalty to basic cotton white button downs, little black jackets, and such of that kind. My guess is that they're classic enough to stand the test of time but almost always call for the additions of 21st century inventions like triple zipper purses and unclassifiable shoes!


Unknown said...

you look awesome in your outfit young lady.
The pleated skirt is just perfect on you.
Absolutely gorgeous !

Anonymous said...

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