Monday, April 14, 2014


Theory silk top, Alexander Wang shirt, American Apparel linen shorts, Chanel sandals, Balenciaga "Neo Folk" bag, CĂ©line sunglasses

photography by Conor M.

Street crossing is taken to the next level with the existence of this bridge, equipped with elevators on both sides and a pair of staircases just for good measure. Of late, I have mainly been dressing with the intention of achieving the ease and lack of time-swallowing contemplation of outfit selection by starting out with at least semi-boyish, simple basics like button-downs, shorts of extended length, and conveniently designed messenger bags. Running into new ways of wearing this ridiculously see-through shirt (as a jacket, mesh belt thing, etc.) gives me hope that even potentially headache-inducing items can be forced to function not only well but in more ways than the one it was made for.


The Private Dev Team said...

Ridiculously see-through shirt huh? Starting to sound awfully similar to someone I know ;)


Unknown said...

You are so beautiful and i think
you can be a top Model.
i know that