Sunday, December 2, 2012


Carven dress (here), Christian Louboutin heels (here), garnet & amethyst gold earrings

On being 18, I don't know what to think besides realizing the rapidity of life's progression and tuning in my priorities toward what I want to do in the future. What I do know for sure is that I am now, as a friend put it, "legal." I cannot imagine a more perfect dress to wear on my 18th birthday. Red and velvet make such an ideal combination just like the cake. There is even an unforeseen sliced cutout and a high structured neckline to balance out the curvilinear sleeves and the body's bell-shaped silhouette. Of course, the two secret hand pockets in the front make it like a more functional piece. Everything about this winter Carven creation just exudes romanticism or an exoticism of a distant time, whether of the past or the future. 

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michal said...

Beautiful and sexy look!