Thursday, August 23, 2012

Quiet as the Forest

Theory top, Ksubi shorts, Chloé boots, Eugenia Kim hat, Mont Blanc belt, YSL ring

Hiking around apparently asking for a clump of sap to step in with assurance that it is viscous enough to cement Chloé boots to the ground. Not so fast, I wouldn't even consider leaving barefooted without them although doing so at this site sounds fun. It was pretty close to happening while I was balancing on that tree stump that had an irregular, partly sap-coated face. As for the hat, I somehow feel like a masked magical pirate nymph princess when I wear it like this. That's a fairly confusing reflection on something so basic but the rawness of the doubled rope detailing and the option to instantly slant the brim accordingly leaves much to the imagination. Especially mine.

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