Thursday, October 16, 2014

Additive Colour

American Apparel shirt, Theyskens' Theory pants, Alexander Wang shoes, Louis Vuitton belt

Things that are supposed to be conservative in the form of their original concept design are best when meddled with once in a while. A standard polo shirt, which is funnily named tennis shirt, golf shirt, etc. all at once by society for maximum convenience and wearability, turns out to be more interesting when its hole punched. I put this one up against pretty much every variant of white I'm aware of and shoes that take after how I think some sea creatures are shaped. 

I'm defying Mr. Webster and spelling colour with a "u." Go ahead, judge me.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Theory silk top, Alexander Wang shirt, American Apparel linen shorts, Chanel sandals, Balenciaga "Neo Folk" bag, CĂ©line sunglasses
photo credits ~ Conor

Street crossing is taken to the next level with the existence of this bridge, equipped with elevators on both sides and a pair of staircases just for good measure. Of late, I have mainly been dressing with the intention of achieving the ease and lack of time-swallowing contemplation of outfit selection by starting out with at least semi-boyish, simple basics like button-downs, shorts of extended length, and conveniently designed messenger bags that leave two hands free. Running into new ways of wearing this ridiculously see-through shirt (as a jacket, mesh belt thing, etc.) gives me hope that even potentially headache-inducing items can be forced to function not only well but in more ways than the one it was made for.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Storming Out

Carven wool jacket, Giorgio Armani silk top, American Apparel skirt, Louis Vuitton lace up boots, Rolex timepiece, Christian Dior vintage pearl earrings, vintage leather purse (Italy) - photos by Conor

The aftermath of the California rainstorm offered surprisingly reasonable conditions for dressing up in my formulaic, unusually-ladylike-for-a-teenager way. I went about engaging the formula this time with a new part wool blazer that fools the eye into seeing orange sometimes and red at all other times. If fabrics had opposites, wool and silk would be just that. The idea of forcing them into rare situations, that is, so close to each other, is quite exciting and boosts the texturally classic, vintage feel going on here. The equation is made complete with a standard skirt that I suppose is unstandardized with its little schoolgirl pleats.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

St. Regis Holiday

Black Forest coat, Giorgio Armani t-shirt, Theory skirt, Chanel purse and heels, Brighton necklace + earrings

Last weekend I took a "break" and stayed at the St. Regis at Monarch Beach. Cavorting down deserted hallways lined with colossal mirrors and the kind of ballrooms that are ideal for echo circulation led me to this room flooded with sunlight that can potentially stimulate your eyelids, if nothing else can. I feel like the grand stairway plus piano situation and cloud paintings as ceilings calls for only the most ladylike attire involving luxurious fur over a sheer silk shirt, a non-microscopic pencil skirt, and low heels. The piano was tightly locked away. Otherwise, I would have done more than sit so primly. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

To the Moon and Back

Photos by Conor & Griffin

Based on my limited experience of being in not quite deserts but in landscapes that seem to be microcosms of them, I decided that dressing in absolute white with slight variations in tone is the only acceptable option there. Anything that freely floats with the subtlest of winds is a match for combating oppressive heat levels while contributing some ethereal effect. I can get used to overlapping highly concentrated whisper sheer lace with the right amount of ruching on a jacket where they are least expected. Something not to get used to, however, is wearing perforated footwear on surfaces that are like the shallow sandboxes they're not.