Sunday, April 21, 2013

Rhyme of Fountain

Only when I received this Versace runway purse from an unknown season did I fully understand why it is incomparable to any other. Its monogrammed alphabets are inflated in a way that maximizes the potential for visual effect on such minimal surface area. Silver chains responsible for a rather respectable portion of the strap are interlaced into a network possibly akin to medieval chain mail. I still haven't figured out what purpose the chain piece at the bottom holds besides reinforcing the intricacy making up the whole thing. This may be pushing it, but perhaps with the removal of the shoulder strap it can be flipped upside down with the intention of wearing it as a clutch, by force. Weird how that kind of works. Regardless, I simply decided it needs to be worn with something of the same blue just to carry on a solid consistency. Sometimes I do the opposite of this and justly mismatch things. I take this to be a more sensible route whenever locating such a specific shade proves to be unfeasible without committing an entire day to an official search. When all plans fail or are presumed to fail, getting stuff like this skirt I designed myself to have custom made is a decent backup plan. While it has a subtle sheen to it, the fabric I picked out is a perfect match to the Versace blue. Just for good measure, I insist that nothing will prove the two shades dissimilar, unless some obscure scientific approach to determining color sameness is unfairly brought into the equation. Try distinguishing them with the naked eye. Only then will it matter.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

An Evening of Remembrances

Forever 21 dress, DVF leather gloves , Chanel caviar clutch and boots

Evenly bisected black and white is particularly effective on a pair of soft leather gloves of an opera length. Stark contrasts can be representative of ambivalence, conflict, balance, so many different things. Wearing something with some metaphoric meaning to it makes communicating your state of mind in silence that much easier. This is assuming that for some unidentified reason that's the ultimate design in a person's interactions with people.  But this observation pertaining to the relationship between fashion and expression does not directly explain why I'm wearing them, which makes me realize that what I'm saying is so irrelevant it's relevant. Gloves just happen to be one of those ladylike things I will always love wearing, mostly when my perpetually cold hands are freezing. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

She's in a Secret Garden, the Walls are Ever So High

Forever 21 dress, Chanel 2.55, Balenciaga boots, Herm├Ęs "collier de chien" bracelet

It seems I have succumbed to doing without my signature red lipstick. Until when this arbitrary change will last is questionable, although I sense it won't be very long. In recent times, I have learned the trick behind shopping effectively at the insanely massive and still expanding store we call Forever 21 or XXI or whatever. To elude the possibility of endless sifting and an uncalled for headache, I try to decide on precisely what it is I need and block out all surrounding items. If I don't need anything, which is often the case, it's best to form a specific preference for materials and silhouettes that still entails blocking out everything else.

Embodying romanticism and simplicity at the same time, this rosewood dress I discovered using the methods specified above has the propensity to be easily mistaken as being solely suitable for the most formal of occasions. Although I admit what I sometimes consider daywear may not exactly match society's definition of it, I stand by my assertion that there are ways of making such a dress daytime eligible. Not that a Chanel purse helps much with that, wink wink.