Thursday, December 5, 2013

St. Regis Holiday

Black Forest coat, Giorgio Armani t-shirt, Theory skirt, Chanel purse and heels, Brighton necklace + earrings

Photography by Conor

Last weekend I took a "break" and stayed at the St. Regis at Monarch Beach. Cavorting down deserted hallways lined with colossal mirrors and the kind of ballrooms that are ideal for echo circulation led me to this room flooded with sunlight that can potentially stimulate your eyelids, if nothing else can. I feel like the grand stairway plus piano situation and cloud paintings as ceilings calls for only the most ladylike attire involving luxurious fur over a sheer silk shirt, a non-microscopic pencil skirt, and low heels. The piano was tightly locked away. Otherwise, I would have done more than sit so primly. 


The Private Dev Team said...

Do you care at all? Do you care at all? <3

Michal S said...

You look beautiful.