Sunday, April 21, 2013

Rhyme of Fountain

Only when I received this Versace runway purse from an unknown season did I fully understand why it is incomparable to any other. Its monogrammed alphabets are inflated in a way that maximizes the potential for visual effect on such minimal surface area. Silver chains responsible for a rather respectable portion of the strap are interlaced into a network possibly akin to medieval chain mail. I still haven't figured out what purpose the chain piece at the bottom holds besides reinforcing the intricacy making up the whole thing. This may be pushing it, but perhaps with the removal of the shoulder strap it can be flipped upside down with the intention of wearing it as a clutch, by force. Weird how that kind of works. Regardless, I simply decided it needs to be worn with something of the same blue just to carry on a solid consistency. Sometimes I do the opposite of this and justly mismatch things. I take this to be a more sensible route whenever locating such a specific shade proves to be unfeasible without committing an entire day to an official search. When all plans fail or are presumed to fail, getting stuff like this skirt I designed myself to have custom made is a decent backup plan. While it has a subtle sheen to it, the fabric I picked out is a perfect match to the Versace blue. Just for good measure, I insist that nothing will prove the two shades dissimilar, unless some obscure scientific approach to determining color sameness is unfairly brought into the equation. Try distinguishing them with the naked eye. Only then will it matter.


Judas Lee said...

How gorgeous is this VERSACE bag! and so are the AW pumps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chanelle said...

Thank you! Aren't they?

Anonymous said...

love that top !
your blog is so beautiful, definitely following xxx