Tuesday, April 16, 2013

An Evening of Remembrances

Forever 21 dress, DVF leather gloves , Chanel caviar clutch and boots

Evenly bisected black and white is particularly effective on a pair of soft leather gloves of an opera length. Stark contrasts can be representative of ambivalence, conflict, balance, so many different things. Wearing something with some metaphoric meaning to it makes communicating your state of mind in silence that much easier. This is assuming that for some unidentified reason that's the ultimate design in a person's interactions with people.  But this observation pertaining to the relationship between fashion and expression does not directly explain why I'm wearing them, which makes me realize that what I'm saying is so irrelevant it's relevant. Gloves just happen to be one of those ladylike things I will always love wearing, mostly when my perpetually cold hands are freezing. 

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Michal S said...

You look gorgeous in these long, leather, elegant gloves! Gorgeous dress and boots!