Monday, October 29, 2012

Draught of Sunlight

Nanette Lepore dress, Louis Vuitton shoes, Céline sunglasses, Givenchy vintage earrings, Hermès bracelet

I suspect deciding whether to make this a dress or a trench coat was too difficult during the design process. It's better as a combination of both anyway, especially when the in betweenness of autumn weather is a factor. It kind of has a random secret spy in a casino on a semi-rainy day feel to it. No other pair of boots besides these would convince me to lace them up and then frustratingly take them off over and over again. Only for LV.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Excessively Diverted

Balenciaga leather jacket (here), Chanel clutch, Theyskens' Theory pants, Forever 21 t-shirt, YSL shoes (here), Céline sunglasses

Standing around Roman white pillars in white pants weirdly makes me feel like one of them. The wait for adequately low temperatures as an excuse to bring forth the outwear section of the closet has come to an end as of today. At least it appears so. It has been an intolerably prolonged period of time since I last put on this leather quilted zippered eyelet laced jacket, a real work of art. Being surrounded all at once with more quilted leather than normal is quite the textural experience if there is a way to describe it. Much better than being swathed in an actual patchwork quilt.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Pearl for Sundays

Giorgio Armani jacket, Forever 21 shirt, Bcbg shorts, Chanel boots and bag, Céline sunglasses

Nothing beats x-rayed Pegasus wars in an ominous sky. And I miss pearls. They are so underrated these days. Black and white, 19th century heavily layered pearls, Victorian two tone button boots, and draped volume alongside sleek structure are things I have always liked and now like more than ever. Actually, all is just so classic and proper until this badass pony shirt comes in.

Monday, October 1, 2012


All Saints shirt (here), Free People shorts, Isabel Marant sneakers (here), Louis Vuitton bag, Eric Javits hat, Sermoneta gloves (here)

I became so excited upon the arrival of these sneakers that I decided to haphazardly  integrate them with things that somehow sartorially suit Jane Austen's time. At least from the waist up. The pairing of lipstick red leather gloves and paisley cutoff shorts can be questionable yet imperative to justify sneakers worn with prim 18th century things. As for the book, which I find is an agreeable substitute for a clutch, it proves how I'm gradually working up towards being obsessed with Pride & PrejudiceI have always admired the aesthetics and simplicity of living during that time although I suspect it could be pretty boring without iPhones and such. 
And who cannot fall for Mr. Darcy, I don't know.