Sunday, March 4, 2012

Feels Like Summer

Armani jacket, Theory top, 7 For All Mankind shorts, Chanel clutch, Chloé boots, Louis Vuitton belt, Hermés bracelet, Chanel watch, custom earrings, Chanel sunglasses

I had no idea the sun was going to strike me with such oppressive heat as soon as I walked out the door. Thank God I randomly decided to wear white shorts, because I swear it was just last week when I was thinking about wearing fur. Ha, that sounds completely insane right now, even in writing. Luckily there was enough shade in the garden to elude the wrath of the sun today, although the heat-absorbing metal stool or chair or whatever the hell it is, nearly branded my rear end when I unsuspectingly sat on it. I did take a few pictures in the sun, all of which resulted in half-closed eyes except for one, thanks to Chanel sunnies. Looks like summer is inching closer.

Let's look at this outfit more closely, shall we? This look has a blend of disparate details, but they just work well together somehow. I'm a little obsessed with blazers with some shape and structure at the moment; like this one from Armani with a sharp batwing collar and discreet crocodile print. Or giraffe print, I guess. I'm almost alluding to an entire zoo here! Moving on down toward the nether regions of the outfit, I accessorized with a new belt and — drumroll please — Chloé ankle boots! It also comes in red which is majorly breathtaking. Notice how they have three belt-like straps on them; they remind me of a Balmain belt I have seen before...I am digressing. But I don't have much else to say other than this makes me happy.

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Michal S said...

Beautiful and very elegant.