Friday, August 19, 2011

Oasis Suite

What I love about  this resort is that they have a distinct style exclusively for Scottsdale, Arizona. It's so interesting how buildings are designed to match the weather and landscape they are grounded on. The exteriors exude an authentic, contemporary style that camouflages with the desert. The interior of my suite was designed with detail and character in every corner. Various patterns including polka dots, stripes, and tribal prints are effortlessly blended together to give the room a dose of charisma. The Oasis suite features a private outdoor plunge pool surrounded by foot cooling pebbles and intricately shaped cacti. Moreover, I gladly made use of the private outdoors shower, which is surrounded romantic walls covered with vines and vividly green leaves that drop down to the soothing blue pebbles that lie among the crowd of fresh desert flowers. 

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