Friday, August 19, 2011

Checking In at Scottsdale, Arizona

This trip of six days is a luxurious escape from evil stress. It is the perfect get-away from the traffic and busy city life of LA, and it is certainly worth the seven hour drive from OC, because every place is worth seeing at least once. That's my travel policy.

Yummies in the room

The cabanas were absolutely revitalizing. I spend hours by the pool under draped  tents that release breezes of cold water, which lightly sprinkle onto me as I bask in the comforting and warm hugs of the air. it's seriously worthy of this much imagery.

At sunset, I always went for a swim in the pool, while purple clouds gathered around and orange lights seeped down into the water before me. Diversely shaped Cacti and exotic desert plants were everywhere, and mountains of stacked boulders tower into the contrasting blue sky. I like to spend my days here relaxing, dining, playing tennis, hiking, and taking a day trip to Sedona. More details about my traveling this week are coming up!

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