Monday, May 7, 2012

Prismick Yellow

Out of nowhere, I felt the urge to reboot the obscure yellow and gold correlation going on by adding an Hermès belt:

Roger Vivier Prismick bag, Chanel yellow suede flats, Bcbgmaxazria t-shirt, Alexander Wang leather shorts

I could have taken the extreme color blocking route by wearing something along the lines of electric blue trousers and extraterrestrial green shoes, but I'm going to let the bag do all the talking and keep the rest of the outfit simple as I like it. The creamy white leather and random distribution of yellow at the corners make it ideal for summer when whites and brights are the foundation for any climate-conscious wardrobe. Even more convenient is its ability to be worn over the shoulder or instead hugged and squeezed as an oversized clutch. I am obsessed with the collage-inspired geometry of prisms involved, a muted down version of Issey Miyake's tightly packed prisms. Play the game and see if you can reconstruct the Roger Vivier Prismick bag in time here. You see, it is pretty much married to these killer t-straps, although it simultaneously has some clandestine affair with easy-going pointy flats of the same prismatic variety; I only know this because I was there. These days I'm all for being match-y.


Anonymous said...

amazing outfit!!looove your style!
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Chanelle said...

thank you!

mauro maraschi said...
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Michal S said...

You are so beautiful, Lady!