Friday, April 20, 2012

Orange Crush

Giorgio Armani jacket, Robert Rodriguez top, Ksubi jeans, Isabel Marant heels, Miu Miu bag, Ray-ban sunglasses

I'm alright with pairing together two different but somehow complementary shades of orange. Who knew this mussed-up peach top is a more apposite option with these intensely orange jeans than unbeatably versatile blacks or whites? I love that it is insanely lightweight and has a half wrinkled half ruffled silhouette on top of all the sheerness. My mom insisted on ironing it out but that would totally deprive it from its textural character! The level of gloom and haze in the background only contributes to blending the two oranges. Then there are the zebra shoes that are always fun to wear. A recent purchase, this bag is like a plush toy. It's smooth surface and rotundness makes carrying it rather calming if you will.


Fashion Lookbook said...

Love the jeans.

Chanelle said...

thank you!