Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Alexander Wang shirt, Forever 21 shorts, Chanel bag, Louis Vuitton boots, Mont Blanc belt, Chanel sunglasses

If it weren't for the barely-there pieces of leather on this shirt, I think it would be unseemly to call this unique Alex Wang creation a shirt. It takes the prosaic business woman's white button-down to the next level, actually six levels up. The same way fingerless gloves are extant, this shirt has the right to be on the verge of imitating an x-ray image. I teamed it up with orangey shorts that coincidentally match those flowers ― again.

Now allow me to regale you with an anecdote about my dear lace-up boots pictured above. An acquaintance of mine once made a preposterous proposal to sever the laces on them to make them short! No thank you. That's as sane as saying let's cut off the strap of this Chanel bag because it would make it shorter and easier to carry!


Anonymous said...

What lipcolor are you wearing? Love!

Chanelle said...

Thanks! It's Estee Lauder "Orange Poppy"

Anonymous said...

I love your shoes omg!

Chanelle said...

thank you! i miss wearing them. i wouldn't mind wearing them in the middle of summer but i should wait for more boot-friendly weather :)