Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Spending for Fashion at 17

Considering what I wear and how much I spend on designer and luxury items as a 17 year old girl, you would probably think "damn, this girl is so rich." No. I am an normal girl living in a normal house with a normal family. So how can I afford to do what I am doing?

First of all, fashion and everything luxurious is truly my passion. I dress according to the dictates of my heart and soul. Fashion and beautiful things make me happy, although they aren't everything. I have an eye for things of quality, and I prefer purchasing items that increase in price over time as opposed to decrease over time. For example, a Rolex watch steadily goes up in price as you wear it, while a car goes drastically down in value as you use it. Plus, I don't go shopping every weekend and buy clothes in huge bulks just because they are cheaper, which is what most teenage girls do (Forever 21 is a killer in this sense, although I do find a few pieces I really like here and there). Instead, I go for pieces that I really love, last long, are made of high quality materials, and look like a million bucks. And I don't buy too many of them either, but I am a repeater when it comes to wearing clothes, shoes, bags, whatever and I'm proud of it. I must mention, it helps to have a fun mom crazy for high fashion and luxury too. Oh, and I gave up having a car for several more years in exchange for buying things like a Chanel bag, a Hermes bracelet, a Balenciaga leather jacket...the list goes on and on. Life is full of compromises, isn't it?

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