Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday with Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn is my go-to movie. I have watched it like fifty times already and I never get sick of it. I memorized most of the script too. Actually more like the entire thing, including the parts where she recites poems by Keats. I mean Shelley.

This is the part where she complains about her princess problems. Never thought there are such things huh? Nightgowns versus pajamas. Hmm.

Princess Ann: I hate this nightgown. I hate all my nightgowns, and I hate all my underwear too.
Countess: My dear, you have lovely things.
Princess Ann: But I'm not two hundred years old. Why can't I sleep in pajamas? 
Countess: Pajamas?
Princess Ann: Just the top part. Did you know that there are people who sleep with absolutely nothing on at all?
Countess: I rejoice to say I do not.

Watch this clip. So much concentrated hilarity and charm in under 4 minutes

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