Friday, May 27, 2011

Life in the Eyes of a Teenager

I was daydreaming today, and I realized that I am sort of living everyday thinking that I will stay sixteen forever. I never thought about my future and how different it will be from now, but things will inevitably change in numerous ways. Life will never be the same as it is now twenty years from now. I will be married and have my own family to enjoy life with! Traveling around the world is something I frequently daydream about. I can envision myself being happy no matter what and making the most of what I have, but there is no reason to throw away the moment you are in now. Life will certainly never be perfect, because if it is, it's a fairytale. When people expect perfection out of anything, they set themselves up for disappointment. I say, accept life as a gift that will allow you to experience the feeling of being happy and make the most of it! 

I started this blog to lay out and establish what I like and who I am and springboard into who I will be in the future. Most things won't necessarily be the same and that's okay. Fashion is so fascinating to me. It's an art and an excuse to dress in a way that makes you feel... special exactly how you want to. I'm aware that it is highly probable I have the most high-end-designer-concentrated wardrobe relative to any teenager in Southern California. Sometimes things are attractive because the high price tag that come with them, making them more covetable by human nature, but I just seem to drawn toward the quality of clothes and how well they fit. There is a reason designer pieces are up there; it's not just the label. If you quickly look through my closet you will find that compared to other teenagers, who pretty much buy out massive bulks of clothes from Forever 21 every week, I don't have much. It's not that I don't shop at Forever 21 now and then. For me it's more about longevity and how well made clothes are. I guess you can say I'm a little picky with what I wear but I know if something suits me or not upon immediate sight.

  I often think about eventually living somewhere in a countryside of Italy or on the beaches of Bali. It might be more meaningful in terms of living merely for the sake of simplicity and not having to drive on freeways everywhere and live so strictly, I guess. I'm probably being slightly unrealistic and unappreciative-sounding right now, because everyone wants to live in beautiful California with its perfect weather and dreamlike beach-scape. But staying too long in one place and getting trapped into the cycle of the super fast LA life is taxing. At least getting a glimpse of the rest of the world feels paramount to me. I feel the urge to start an adventure and move around places.

Life is too short. We all are cognizant of this trite fact, but few think about it in their everyday lives. Believe it or not, there are many teenagers out there who are unappreciative of who they are. They are constantly thinking about growing up to escape their current life. This is a major misstep. Actually, it is a tragedy. So here is the moral of the story explained through an anecdote: there was once a guy who was in high school and he was dying to go to college. When he was in college, he was dying to start a career. After starting a career, he was dying to retire. When he retired, he was dying.

My random rant is now over.

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